Walks and walking have been integral to Fruit Routes since the get go.

Foraging walk are  popular and in different seasons plants are highlighted and their medicinal and culinary uses shared. Often people get to sample  plants along the way. The fruit routes map indicates where some of these plants can be found. They are also sited all over campus. Just take care when foraging that you  are in a dog free area or know that the site hasnt been sprayed with chemicals.


Foraging Walks with Anne-Marie Culhane (multiple years)

Mental Health and well being awareness walks 2019 and 2021 as part of Mental Health Week.

We’ve learnt that the route despite being around 1km takes usually one hour or often two hours to walk through once people have shared information, chatted, asked questions and meandered through the trees. Walks tend to  be informal and enjoyed by people of all ages and different cultural backgrounds.