Back to Back walks explore the meeting of different disciplines or ‘ways of seeing the world’.

This enabled walks to move between different forms of knowledge or combine and explore shared space between academic or artistic disciplines. Sometimes the walk leaders worked collaboratively and sometimes they split the walk into two parts. This decision was made by each pair.

Back to Back walks:

  • Anne-Marie Culhane (foraging) & Jo Daccombe (see visiting artist Jo Dacombe) 2012
  • Ed Derby (biodiversity) & Paul Conneally (poet) (see Fruit Twoots/poetry)2013
  • Anne-Marie Culhane & Simone Kenyon (body, dance and movement) 2014
  • Anne-Marie Culhane &  Alison Lloyd (body and mapping) 2016
  • Anne-Marie Culhane & Jamie Stone (academic researcher food systems) 2018 A walk exploring different dimensions of local and global food systems
  • Anne-Marie Culhane (foraging) & Georgina Barney (see natural dyeing workshop) 2019
  • Anne-Marie Culhane & Jane Hill (see biodiversity/climate change) 2019