You are invited to get involved in Fruit Routes in a number of ways:

Enjoying fruit routes as a place to walk or unwind, to meet a friend or come to for time alone.

Harvesting the fruit – remembering to leave some for wildlife and for others

Taking part in events on fruit routes at different times of year

Joining the Fruit Routes steering group and playing a more active role in shaping the project

Proposing an event or activity to the Steering Group as a student or staff member at the University that you would like to run as part of your learning or as something you are interested in or want to try out.

Suggesting an event or activity as a member of the public to the Steering Group that links with the University and that aligns with the Fruit Routes themes or ethos

Caring for the trees by keeping an eye out for damage or trees that look unhealthy or volunteering to work with the Gardens team on any maintenance tasks

Taking the Fruit Routes ideas and using them in your own street, neighbourhood, town, university.

Linking teaching walks, talks, research, performance or arts projects, monitoring and supervisions to Fruit Routes and integrating Fruit Routes with elements of your learning or teaching for example climate change, food systems, activism, eco-art, cultural change, biodiversity, design, architecture, geography.

Launching ideas or projects that prioritise sustainability and align with the Fruit Routes ethos that link to the wider communities on campus or beyond campus

Sharing images of Fruit Routes with us via social media (details insert here)

And many other ideas and ways we haven’t thought of!