Over the three days of the Summer event 2018 people rolled candles from sheets of beeswax to make an altar for biodiversity. Each person focusing on an individual species, habitat that had been lost or was at risk. The candles were displayed and then lit together at the closing ceremony in the yurt where people read out the messages of loss or remembering.

Honour the bees

The loss of tribal land mostly in rain forest and the impact this has on people, place and habitat. So much they know that we don’t

In memory of the shrinking amazon rainforest and the thousands of species we lost with it

Save the rhinos

Not much rainforest not much habitat no room for animals?

Loughborough University hedgehogs

The purity of water

Save the red squirrels – they’re ace! They’re ours

Remembering the great barrier reef

The Vaquita – smallest porpoise in the world. (Not quite gone but the candle is for those who have died)

Remembering the summers where the weather was not so extreme in Spain. Now it’s a lot warmer which I believe is due to Global Warming

The wealth of butterflies shrinks each year and rabbits are rarer but still not lost. I mourn for the time when all children knew about nature and loved it. I want the old wildlife back.

To the decline of swifts rushing in our street

The death of the last white male rhinocerous.

I like walking and get frustrated when the natural landscape is turned into golf courses.

All the bees are dying and people overlook the fact we need them so we don’t starve.

The contamination of plants and animals with levels of toxicity so high and killing sea life with plastic, environmental waste etc.

Save the red squirrels

Remember the bee tree when it was alive and buzzing with bees

The worms that die for sport on this campus

Dolphins, seahorses and starfish

Remembering the impact of man on the land, particularly with food crops in parts of the world.

Remembering the insects that used to fly into my bedroom at night

In memory of the lost lost swifts and the lost finches, the lost wasps and the lost hedgehogs and the lost wild cats

I miss the water voles.