Jo Dacombe has been an invited visiting artist for a number of Fruit Routes events.

A BacktoBack walk in Autumn 2012 was co-hosted by Jo Dacombe.

Twenty people joined Jo and myself and walk took us into the realm of the wild more-than-human campus co-inhabitants using beautifully and carefully created Tracking Kits. The hand-made kits contained mapping materials – pegs, string, a pencil and labels and using these simple tools we were invited to observe a creature in the orchard and then trace or map out its pattern of moving working in pairs. This task required acute observation and attention and in small groups we tracked squirrels, wasps, an ant, a bee, a magpie.

For Harvest 2015 I invited Jo to work with poet/cultural forager Paul Conneally and myself to devise a workshop activity to bring the theme of exchange into our walk and an afternoon making activity.

Jo introduced an idea, written about from medieval times, about listening and being called by objects in nature, and she invited us to bring something(s) back from the walk with us.

Found objects – the stones, shells, leaves, and feather’s we pick up in the outdoors and bring home are the transitional between humans and nature and between human-made and natural things, the forerunners of works of art..(Shepherd, p57, The tender carnivore and the sacred game)

Back at the LAGS (Landscaping and Gardening Society) Shed people joined in making origami exchange boxes with Jo to hold their collected objects.

In 2018 Jo worked with Fruit Routes again as part of a day on Climate Change as artist/researcher exploring with visitors ‘Things we can’t see’  (see Climate change)