‘The Cut in Her Stomach’ was written on 18 February, 2012 the first day of planting the new Fruit Route at Loughborough University. It is a series of haiku incorporating scenes and snippets of conversation directly observed and overheard.

The Cut in Her Stomach

bare trees
the sound of spades
across tarmac

we huddle
by a green tractor
how to plant a tree

cold rain
it’s at least a two man job
a tree like this

the English undergrad
asks everyone
‘what’s nepotism?’

a twinge
from the cut in her stomach
she digs deep

no not cold
just wet
and getting heavier

the lost referee
asks for directions to
the all-weather pitch

hazel whips
we find a seam
of hard core

‘with the hedge’ he says
‘plant three for one
just in case’

she’ll need
a stepladder now
to see the runners’ legs

Paul Conneally
18 February, 2012