For MayDayMayDay 2019 we invited the University Japanese society to help host “ohanami” (Japanese flower viewing) inspired by this key festival in Japan. Members of the Japanese Society cooked traditional Japanese dishes which were tasted including dango, which is traditionally shared between friends at blossom viewing time.



BomBom Patisserie have been a pick-up point for the public to take free campus harvested apples for many years. This enables people in the local community to find out about the project, benefit from the harvested fruit and take part in the Bake Off. Additionally, Bom Bom have used the fruit in pastries and cakes in their cafe and also ran free Sicilian pastry baking classes for the community.



Charnwood Chai are a local group whose motto is ‘celebrating together through tea’. The idea is to bring people together using tea as a tool to get people of different cultures communicating. It emerged post-Brexit after local women faced racial insults. Charnwood Chai served chai and foraged teas at the May Day May Day event in 2019.